‘THE JOSEPH JOURNEY’ (From the Pit to the Palace) Male Sexual Assault Victims

This BLOG is for those Men and young males who have been Sexually Assaulted by other Men, Women, and other youths. This is a very ‘hushed’ topic and has kept many of us from receiving the much needed help to cope with this type of Trauma. It has serious psychological and emotional repercussions that can follow one throughout his lifetime, leaving a path of dysfunction, broken relationships, and mental disease.

It is such taboo to talk about, that it can even garner ridicule amongst peers, especially in the African American culture; it can be viewed as a sort of ‘right of passage’ to be molested or raped by a Woman or young female. A young man is taught that it is a great thing for an older woman or female to ‘take’ your innocence or virginity; it is something to be proud of instead of seeing it as the violation it really is of that young man’s holy Temple of God. If you complain in any way, you can be ostracized and labeled in the community or Family. As a result, many men suffer silently and often turn to drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, domestic abuse, same sex relationships, bisexuality, and even trans-genderism to deal with the mental trauma.

This has to be addressed and help made available…

Throughout my many years of Counseling clients, Case Studies, Research, Experience, and Observation, I’ve learned that this is a spiritual problem, and no amount of medication can cure its symptoms-just offer temporary relief. Only through Godly Counsel, trusting the Word of God, and Fasting and Prayer can one be healed from these types of Generational Curses.

This Blog was created as a place to come and experience the camaraderie in sharing, starting, or assisting in the healing process for these Men only. It is unique in that it is only for Men and young Men. It is NOT a community to prey on victims, and is monitored fiercely! We ask that privacy be respected, and no personal information be shared about involved individuals. If legal advice is sought or needed, steps will be taken to adhere to local and national laws. What the devil meant for our harm, God turns it around for our good!