Mission of The Spiritual Identity Guy, ‘Coach Sid’



Our Mission is to educate, empower, support, and advance those who don’t know their “S.I.D.” (Spiritual I.D.) in Christ, for the Kingdom of God. Men and Boys are the main focus because we are, or will be, the ‘Head’ of the Family structure, and need to lead our Families in the admonition of the Lord; loving and supporting our Wives, validating and affirming our Children. This will in turn make strong Families, Communities, Cities, States, Countries, Continents, and the World! Our Strategic Plan is to Build Wells in the Countries where they are most needed; Hospitals, Orphanages and Trade Schools; Homes, Transitional Housing for Ex-Offenders, Shelters for Men and Women, Hotels, Convention Centers, Mobile Clinics, Food Banks, Rehab Centers, and a Christian themed Recreational Amusement Park. We are starting a Foundation that will give full Scholarships to deserving Students who are in Grad and Undergrad status. Through Christ, we can do all things…(Philippians 4:13) ‘Coach Sid’