I know Jesus as ‘Jehovah Rapha’ (My Healer) Part I

The Lord recently revealed to me as I was pondering some of the difficult things He has brought me through during my life, that the enemy, Satan, has actually been trying to kill me all of my life! However, I thank God for my Angels being on their duty, protecting and guiding me even when I wasn’t always doing what was right (I’m sure you can relate). It started on the day I was born in my Dad’s Best Friend’s car, in front of Chicago’s Mercy Hospital on a rainy September 13th day in the 60’s. My Mom was a teenage Mother, so she was strong and healthy, coming from a very strong stock of smart, strong, and very attractive Women. She delivered me with no problems, considering the circumstances. She recently divulged to me that immediately after she delivered me, they rushed us into a small waiting room where she and I were the only two there; we were ‘quarantined’! I guess my being born in that car could present a health hazard to the other little ‘crumb snatchers’ in the Nursery. God’s mercy prevailed, and we survived with no problems whatsoever. A little over 3 years later, I was in one of my Aunt’s Apartments in the newly built Projects on Chicago’s South Side, not too far from Cottage Grove Ave., and noticed some of the Paint on the wall peeling off. I remember it was a blueish-gray color (strange that I can recall that), and decided to give it a taste like children often do; I often got my hand spanked for putting things in my mouth and knew I wasn’t supposed to do so, but I tasted the paint. It actually had a ‘sweet’ taste to my surprise, and that’s the last thing I remember about the incident. I later was told when I was a Teenager that on that day, they came into the room where I was, and found me unconscious on the floor. They were horrified, and rushed my limp little body to the Hospital, barely breathing. My stomach was pumped and the Doctors told my Mom that I would probably end up with Brain damage, because other children had been eating this new “Led-based Paint”, and died. It was later stripped from the Buildings and banned from being used. But God!!! He stepped in again and spared my life with no damage to my Brain’s Central Nervous System. A few years later, I remember being in my bedroom trying to go to sleep, but just laid there wide awake. It was time for bed, and we had to get up for School in the morning; suddenly though, I felt some invisible hands on my mouth, and others holding my hands down next to my side. I was terrified, but couldn’t utter a peep. I could hear my Parents down the hallway talking in their Bedroom, and even my Brother in his room making noise while he was supposed to be sleeping as well. I remember thinking Mom was going to give him a whipping for not being in bed.

I looked over on the wall and saw two or three Gargoyle looking creatures sitting on the wall! I began to moan and breathe hard, but could do nothing but think and move my eyes back and forth. I began to think on the name of “JESUS”, and after a few moments, they suddenly released me and fled; I ran to my Parent’s Bedroom, and told them what just happened. My Dad mocked me, but my Mom listened and could plainly see that I was horrified. At my Dad’s strong objection, they let me sleep at the foot of their Bed that night. That wasn’t the last time Demons came to my Bed and sat on it, trying to intimidate and strike fear in me again. I believe many who have weak Hearts may have suffered an Attack as the result of Demons visiting them. After I received Jesus as my Savior, began to live by His commands and learn of my Spiritual Identity in Him, I understood that “He gave me Authority over all Demons, (Serpents and Scorpions) and the power of the enemy (Satan)…..” (Luke 10:9). The next time they came in my 20’s, I commanded them to leave, in the Name of Jesus, and they immediately fled! They even had the audacity to come again as recently as two years ago! I guess they are waiting to catch me with my guard down- I’m just going to keep cutting them up with my ‘Sword'(The Word of God) again! We all have been given this Authority, but only through faith in God’s Son Jesus, sacrificing His life on the Cross. Through obedience and living holy lifestyles, we can walk in His Spiritual Identity ordained for us.


'Coach Sid' is a much sought after international Spiritual Identity Life Coach, and Counselor. He is an Ordained Minister with over 30 years of expertise and wisdom in helping people understand their true Spiritual Identification. Successfully serving and helping many to understand their life purpose, and the need to maintain proper 'self-government' in the Kingdom of God is his passion. He is also an Author, Professional Recording Artist/Actor, and a Successful Entrepreneur who has traveled the World.

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