The ‘Spiritual I. D’. vs. ‘Fake I. D.’

When I was 18 years old in Chicago, partying, doing drugs, drinking, and carousing with wild women, I still couldn’t gain entry into the swank Club and Bar scene because I had to be 21. I was able to obtain a ‘Fake I.D.’ from a friend who was the same age, which showed that I was 23 years old; it gave me access to the Devil’s territory, and all of the snares of sin that came with it. Needless to say, it almost cost me my life. I was introduced to people, places, behaviors, and more drugs, all contributing to the sabotaging of my soul. So it is in the spirit realm for people who are curious about gaining access to the supernatural, its mysteries and power. Satan issues you a ‘Fake Spiritual I.D.’ allowing you entrance into the dark side of the spirit realm. The danger in this endeavor of learning about Pagan gods, Ancient ancestral practices and worship, is that you must reject the Sovereignty of Jesus as the only way to God, in order to gain its influence. It is cut and dry-there is no ‘gray area’ in this pursuit of Forbidden Knowledge; you reject the Spiritual Identity Jesus gives you through His sacrifice on the Cross, and embrace Satan’s. You actually open ‘gates’ in the spirit realm that you are not ‘Authorized’ to enter and dominate through the Holy Ghost. All involvement in the Occult which includes Astrology, Psychic Phenomena, Clairvoyancy, Divination, Witchcraft, Magic, Sorcery, and Idolatry,(Deuteronomy 18:10), are the ‘gates’ that give you entry, and is forbidden by God. Ignorance of this fact is not an excuse to engage in their practices. You become a pawn for Satan; you are now on his territory and he has a spiritual right to attack you or use you, its just a matter of time before he gets tired of using you to lure others into his kingdom of darkness, and kills you. It’s like a Student Driver gaining entrance to the ‘Indy 500’ or ‘NASCAR’ Racetrack; they’re not equipped or experienced enough to be in that environment. Unfortunately, those who seek Satan’s influence to give them exceptional talent in Sports, Music, or Business, will eventually have to ‘pay the piper’ with the loss of their souls, and sometimes even that of a close loved one. They don’t take the long term result of this ‘deal’ into consideration-all they know is that they want it NOW. This is why you see so many famous, rich people dying at young ages, or committing suicide; they sought their Spiritual Identity and fulfillment in what the Devil offered them, instead of what Jesus died for, and bequeathed to them.

If you have engaged in this practice, you can repent of doing so- ask the Lord to forgive you for sinning against Him, His Son, and His Spirit. Renounce all oaths taken to serve the Devil, his kingdom, and the Occult; cut off all contact with those still engaged in it and destroy ALL items associated with its practice. Those items can represent another gate, allowing evil spirits and demons to come back to torment you. Ask Jesus to come into your heart and forgive you; confess that He is the Son of God, and only He could save you from God’s judgement of sin, with His Blood and being resurrected from the dead. Pray that He delivers you from the Devil and his reluctance to release your soul; ask for guidance to a spirit-filled Pastor who teaches the Kingdom of God and living holy lifestyles in the presence of God, through the Bible.

S. I. D. in Christ
Your PASSPORT to The Kingdom of God


'Coach Sid' is a much sought after international Spiritual Identity Life Coach, and Counselor. He is an Ordained Minister with over 30 years of expertise and wisdom in helping people understand their true Spiritual Identification. Successfully serving and helping many to understand their life purpose, and the need to maintain proper 'self-government' in the Kingdom of God is his passion. He is also an Author, Professional Recording Artist/Actor, and a Successful Entrepreneur who has traveled the World.

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